Prof. PAN Wen(潘文-博导简介)


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Academic Qualifications

1997.9-2004.11, PhD,Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology, Department of Civil Engineering

1991.9-1994.2, MEng,Southeast University, Department of Civil Engineering

1985.9-1989.7, BEng,Southeast University, Department of Civil Engineering

Working Experience

2010.11 To date, Department of Civil Engineering, Kunming University of Science and Technology, Department of Civil Engineering, Professor, doctoralsupervisor

2003.9-2010.10, Department of Civil Engineering, School of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Kunming University of Science and Technology

1998.12 - 2003.8, Kunming University of Science and Technology, Department of Civil Engineering, Associate Professor

1994.3 - 1998.11, Department of Architectural Engineering, Yunnan University of Technology

1989.8 - 1991.8, Department of Architecture, Yunnan Institute of Technology

Research Fields

1. Engineering earthquake resistance

2. Structural engineering

Part-time Academic Job

1. China Architecture Society of structural calculation theory and engineering application of professional committee

2. China Architectural Society of seismic reinforcement transformation technology professional committee

3. China Civil Engineering Society earthquake disaster reduction project technology promotion committee

4. Member of the National Urban Earthquake Disaster Prevention Planning Review Committee

5. China Architecture Society Township disaster prevention professional committee

6. China Architecture Society earthquake disaster prevention branch of seismic testing technology professional committee

7. China Architecture Society earthquake disaster prevention branch structure shock and control professional committee director

8. Member of the Expert Committee of the Disaster Prevention Research Center of the Ministry of Construction

9. National post-earthquake housing construction emergency assessment expert team members

10. Chinese core journal "engineering earthquake and reinforcement transformation" editorial board members

11. Yunnan Province, the construction of engineering seismic special inspection expert committee vice chairman

12. Kunming City Construction Engineering seismic special inspection expert committee members

13. Yunnan Provincial Civil Engineering Society of structural committee of the vice chairman

14. Yunnan Provincial People's Government Investment Project Evaluation Center expert committee members

15. Yunnan Province rural residential earthquake security engineering expert group members

16. Yunnan Province construction system housing earthquake damage assessment expert evaluation team

17. Yunnan Province primary and secondary school buildings safety engineering technical guidance expert group members

18. Yunnan Provincial Committee on Disaster Reduction Committee of Experts

19. Member of Yunnan Institute of Geophysics

20. Member of the Yunnan Seismological Society

21. Expert Committee on Technical Review of Urban and Rural Earthquake Prevention and Disaster Prevention Planning in Yunnan Province

Research Fundings

1. Natural Science Foundation of China: Deepening Study on Damage Mechanism of Modern Buildings in Lijiang 7.0 Earthquake (Item No .: 97E018Q), 1997 ~ 2000

2. "Tenth Five-Year Plan" sub-title: to consider the dam body openings and pier, including the whole three-dimensional dynamic research (Contract No. 01-02-02 (2)), 2001 ~ 2003

3. Horizontal topics: free port apartment three-dimensional garage vibration test and building building vibration and noise reduction research, 2000 ~ 2002

4. Study on the seismic performance of high embankment

5. Natural Science Foundation of China Project: Key Problems in Application of Special-shaped Column Structure in High Intensity Area (Project No.: 2005E0024M), 2005 ~ 2008

6. Hospital doctor fund: special-shaped column structure node failure mechanism and seismic bearing capacity research, 2006 ~ 2008

7. School doctor fund: isolation design practical method research, 2008 ~ 2010

8. Horizontal topics: Yunnan Agricultural University on the 7th teaching building A, D unit energy consumption support frame system energy development and project implementation, 2006 ~ 2008

9. Yunnan Province Public Security Frontier Corps Service Command Center subsidiary building energy consumption support frame system energy development and project implementation, 2008

10. Research on the Earthquake Measures of the Earthquake Wall in the Rural Residential Buildings, Yunnan Provincial Department of Construction, 2008

11. Research on seismic performance of chamber and crest structure of Lujiang Liuku Hydropower Station, Kunming Institute of Survey and Design, China Hydropower Consulting Group, 2009

12. Jiangdong Harmony Square over the high-level seismic performance research, Yunnan Design Institute, 2009

13. National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC): Measures to Improve the Bearing Capacity of Concrete Structures in Special Seismic Columns (Item No: 51168024), 2011-2015

14. Earthquake damage mechanism of underground engineering and seismic technology research, Chengdu Military Region Engineering Research and Design Institute, 2011-2012

In the case of

15. Training project for master and local builders in strengthing techniques to increase seismic resistance in school buildings in Yunnan province, China. Nanyang Technological University, 2011-2012

16. Kunming City, special structure design and review of technical guidelines for the preparation of the Kunming Municipal Housing and Urban Construction Bureau, 2015

17. Kunming City, an important public building seismic capacity survey, Kunming City Housing and Urban Construction Bureau, 2015

18. Chengjiang County fossil museum seismic performance analysis and experimental study, Yunnan Longjie Tourism Development Co., Ltd., 2015

19. Underground engineering earthquake damage mechanism and seismic technology research Phase II, Chengdu Military Region Engineering Research and Design Institute, 2015

20. Kunming City housing urban and rural construction system earthquake emergency plan revision, Kunming City Housing and Urban Construction Bureau, 2017

21. Zhentai earthquake catastrophe model - (Yunnan Province) housing construction earthquake disaster loss prediction model, Yunnan Seismological Bureau earthquake emergency protection center, 2016

22. High-intensity earthquake zone ultra-high-rise building construction safety key technology research, China Construction Second Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd. Southwest Branch, 2016

23. Earthquake insurance of rural community in Yunnan province: investigation for willingness of householders and pilot research on insurance rate, International Center for Collaborative Research on Disaster Risk Reduction, 2016

24. Social Development Science and Technology Program - Social Development Specialization: Urban Seismic Safety Key Technology Application and Demonstration Research (Project No .: 2007CA002, Participation)

25. Social Development Science and Technology Program - Social Development Specialization: Research and Application of Key Technology for Minimizing Isolation of Kunming New Airport Terminal Project (Project No .: 2008CA007, Participation)

26. National Natural Science Foundation of China: High-intensity earthquake zone structure energy consumption system (project number: 59468001, participation)

27. National "Ninth Five-Year Plan" project: high arch dam foundation earthquake energy dissipation impact study (sub-title contract number: 96-222-03-02-01, participation)

28. National Natural Science Foundation of China Regional key projects: comprehensive disaster reduction research in mountainous high-intensity earthquake area (project number: 59869002, participation)

29. Provincial science and technology research project: structural shock control technology - friction energy consumption support system application research (project number: 2001NG45, participation)

Honors and Awards

1. Red Cloud Gardener Award, 2012

2. Yunnan Province Department of Housing and Urban Construction Bulletin (in 2011 to participate in Yingjiang "3.10" earthquake emergency rescue work)

3. China Construction Research Institute CABR Cup "China Construction Science and Technology Award" third prize (2010, ranked seventh)

4. Yunnan Province in 2008 science and technology award third prize ("village building prestressed prefabricated green structure system" ranked fifth)

5. May 1 labor advanced team (2008, the provincial Federation of Trade Unions)

6. Kunming Construction Bureau commendation ("wall change advanced individuals" 2005,2006,2008)

7. Yunnan Provincial Party Committee and the provincial government collective recognition ("Lijiang earthquake recovery and reconstruction of advanced collective")

8. Yunnan Provincial Department of Construction 2000 scientific and technological progress third prize ("powder mixing pile composite foundation bearing capacity and seismic performance research ranked fifth)

9. Yunnan Province in 2000 the third prize of natural science progress ("Yunnan Wuding earthquake damage investigation and mechanism research" ranked sixth)

Academic Achievements



Zhang Jian. Pan Wen. Song Zhigang. Lin Haoyun. Wuxing Qiang: Earthquake Vulnerability Assessment of Urban Buildings Based on Intensity Difference, Seismic Engineering and Engineering Vibration, 2017, Vol.37, No.4

[2].陈晓彬;潘文;兰香;周强;张龙飞.高烈度区澄江化石地博物馆减隔震结构设计与分析[J].建筑结构. 2017/08

Chen Xiaobin; Pan Wen; Lan Xiang; Zhou Qiang; Zhang Longfei.Design and Analysis of Seismic Isolation Structure of Chengjiang Fossil Museum in High Intensity Area [J]. Building Structures. 2017/08

[3].马健;潘文;杨晓东;赖正聪;苏何先;褚青青;李鑫.澄江化石博物馆振动台试验及能量分析[J].建筑结构. 2017/08

Ma Jian; Pan Wen; Yang Xiaodong; Lai Zhengcong; Su Hexian; Chu Qingqing; Li Xin. Chengjiang Fossil Museum Shaking Table Test and Energy Analysis [J]. Building Structures. 2017/08

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Su Hexian; Pan Wen; Bai Yu; Yang Xiaodong; Lai Zhengcong. Al.Study on Shaking Table of Isolated Column with Special - Shaped Column [J].Journal of Building Structures.2016, 37(12). (EI:20165103149828)

[5].赖正聪,白羽,潘文,叶燎原,杨晓东,安晓文,苏何先. 高烈度地区高层隔震剪力墙结构抗震性能地震模拟振动台试验[J].建筑结构. 2016(11)

Lai Zhengcong; Bai Yu; Pan Wen; Ye Liaoyuan; Yang Xiaodong, An Xiaowen, Su Hexian.Study on Shock Test of Seismic Simulation of Seismic Behavior of High-level Isolated Shear Wall in High Seismic Area [J]. Building Structures. 11)

[6].苏何先,潘文,柏文峰,白羽,杨晓东. 新型土坯墙体房屋抗震性能试验研究[J].土木建筑与环境工程. 2015(06)

Su Hexian; Pan Wen; Bai Wenfeng; Bai Yu; Yang Xiaodong.Research on seismic performance of a new type of adobe wall house [J]. Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering. 2015 (06)


Zhang Pinle; Pan Wen; Tao Zhong.Nonlinear analysis and improvement of mechanical properties of short-pier shear wall with irregular cross-section [J]. Industrial Buildings, 2013,04: 66-70.


Zhang Pinle, Li Qingning, Pan Wen, Tao Zhong.Construction model and application of reinforced concrete shear wall considering shear lag effect [J]. Seismic Engineering and Engineering Vibration, 2013,01: 82-87.

[9].曾聪,吴斌,陶忠,潘文,白俊峰.昆明新国际机场主航站楼A区隔震效能分析[J].土木工程学报,2012,v.45S1:182-186. (EI:20123715424871)

Zeng Cong, Wu Bin, Tao Zhong, Pan Wen, Bai Junfeng.Effect of seismic isolation of A main railway station in Kunming New International Airport [J]. Journal of Civil Engineering,2012,v.45S1:182-186. (EI:20123715424871)


Pan Wen. Bai Yu. Tao Zhong: Yunnan Province primary and secondary school building safety project investigation and identification of profiles, civil engineering and environmental engineering, 2010


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Books Involved:

[1]. Honghe state rural residential seismic safety engineering technical guidance and reference Atlas

[2]. Urban and rural residents residential earthquake catastrophe risk model (Yunnan)


[1] A composite damper

[2] A method to improve the seismic performance of special-shaped column structure

[3] A method for making truss steel with round hole and its application

[4] A method for making a fastened steel girdle with round hole and its application

[5] An earthquake-based cumulative damage assessment method for RC frame structures based on deformation

[6]. A reinforced concrete shear wall with energy dissipation

[7] A concrete - filled steel tubular and double - steel composite concrete shear wall

[8] A hollow reinforced concrete shear wall with continuous spiral stirrup end posts

[9] A new type of rubber friction slip bearing

[10]. Wood structure nodes active bolt holes for seismic reinforcement of flat iron

[11]. Hard mountain purlin low cost seismic reinforcement mast

[12] Model mouth toothpaste cover

[13]. Timber column foot shock fast combination of joints


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[2] National industry standards: "town (township) village building seismic technical regulations" JGJ161-2008

[3] National Building Standard Design Atlas: "Rural residential seismic structure details" SG618

[4] "Yunnan rural residential earthquake safety engineering technical guidelines (Trial)", 2007

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[6] Housing and Urban and Rural Construction: Rural Hazardous Housing Identification Technical Guidelines (Trial), 2009

[7] National industry standards: "rural housing risk identification standards" JGJ / T363-2014

[8] National standards: "village residential structure construction and acceptance of norms" GB / T 50900-2016

[9] Yunnan Province, the construction of local standards: "500MPa hot rolled steel ribs application of technical regulations" DBJ 53 / T-26-2010

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[15] Yunnan earthquake disaster area housing restoration and reconstruction of seismic guidance technology guidelines, 2013

[16] Yunnan Province, the local construction standards: "building isolation engineering special identification technical regulations" DBJ53 / T-70-2015

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