Prof. TAO Zhong(陶忠-博导简介)


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Prof.TAO Zhong

Prof. TAO Zhong

Academic Qualifications

1986-1990, BEng,Caotang campus of Xi'an University Of Architecture And Technology

1990-1993, MEng,Caotang campus of Xi'an University Of Architecture And Technology

1996-2000, PhD,Caotang campus of Xi'an University Of Architecture And Technology

2003-2005,Post-doctoral,Kyoto University

Working Experience

1993-1996:Lecture of architecture,Yunnan University of Technology

2000-2003:professor,Kunming University Of Science And Technology

2005 To date:Ph.D. advisor,Ph.D. advisor, Head of the Department of Civil Engineering,Kunming University Of Science And Technology

Research Fields

1. Earthquake resistance of engineering structures

2. Cold-formed thin-walled steel members

3. tall steel structures

4. earthquake-resistant of wooden structure

5. earthquake-resistant of raw-soil structure

Part-time Academic Job

1.The professor of steel structure,China Construction Metal Structure Association

2.The professor of steel structure,China Steel Structure Association

Research Fundings

Modelling The Restoring Force Characteristic In nodal region Of Wooden structure Based on Compression an Friction:51168025/E080801,2012.1-2015.12.

Construction Technology Of Connection Between New Laminated Wall And Steel Structure.2012.7-2014.7

Special Study On A Kind Of New Outer-shell Connection Of Steel Structure.2012.10-2014.10

Compile OfConstruction Technology And Acceptance Specification Of Villages 2011.10-2013.10

Honors and Awards

请Published more than 60 papers,more than 10 papers included in EI

Academic Achievements


[1]Calculation and Analysis of a Tall Building Seismic Isolation Design,Applied Mechanics and Materials,2013-5-15

[2] Applied research of the steel frame-shear wall system in the primaryand secondary schools,ICSBM 2013,2013-3-15

[3] The performance analysis of calcium silicate composited wall's impact resistance,ICSBM 2013,2013-3-15

[4]The seismic reinforcement measures of through type timber framejoint based on the earthquake damage survey,ICSBM 2013,2013-3-15


[1]Taozhong,Single-wave interactive post-buckling by complex finite strip method,ISSEYE-7,2002-08-10

[2]Taozhong,Multi-wave post-buckling analysis of thin-walled members, ISSEYE-8,2004-08-10

[3]Taozhong, The rotational characteristics of traditional timber joints, ISSEYE-9,2006-08-10

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