Prof. Yu BAI(白羽-博导简介)


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Prof. Yu BAI

Prof.Yu BAI

Learning Experience

1980.9 -1987.7,BEng, MEng, South China University of Technology

1998, VisitingScholar, Old Dominion University in the United States

2009.9, PhD, Kunming University of Science and Technology

Work Experience

1987.7 to date, Director of Seismic Research Institute, institute of civil engineering, Kunming University of Science and Technology

Research Fields

1. structure anti-seismic

2. structural health monitoring

Part-time Academic Job

1. Director of Yunnan Institute of structure anti-seismic, Kunming University of Science and Technology

2. Vice president of Yunnan Inspection Association

3. Permanent member of Geophysical Society of Yunnan Province

4. Director of structure seismic control specialized committee of structure earthquake resistance and disaster prevention committee of China construction society,

Research Fundings

1. study on rapid assessment method of seismic capacity of building structures based on collapse probability. National Natural Science Foundation of China, 51368027

2. Two stage damage identification of two dimensional structures such as plates and frames, Yunnan Natural Science Foundation of China, 2005-20082005E0023M

3. Study and demonstration structural test on protection and promotion on folk house in Weng Ding wa ancient village, commissioned by the enterprise

4. research on interlayer technology of high building - seismic simulation shaking table test of high isolation building; commissioned by the enterprise

5. Model test of large span steel-concrete continuous girder bridge segment; commissioned by the enterprise

Honors and Awards

1. Two class prize of Yunnan science and technology progress 2015. Rank 4

2. Three class prize of Yunnan invention and technology in 2008 , Rank 4

Academic Achievements


[1] Dun yuan, Zhang, ,Yu Bai, Jing Gao. Discussion on some concepts of China seismic response spectrum code [J]. Journal of building structures, 2016,37 (04): 110-118.[2017-08-30].DOI:10.14006/j.jzjgxb.2016.04.015

[2] Xiao Bin Chen, Wen Pan, Yu Bai, Xiang Lan, Qiang. Zhou Control analysis of building structure equipped with viscous damper frame structure,, building structures 2016,46 (S1): 391-394. [2017-08-30].

[3] Su Ho, Wen pan, Yu Bai, Xiao Dong yang, Zheng cong Lai. Vibration table experimental research of the Isolation special-shaped columns [J/OL]. Journal of building structures, 2016,37 (12): 65-73. (2016-12-05) [2017-08-30].

[4] Zhi gang Song, Yu Bai, Jin Wei liang. Impact analysis of buildings Vibration comfort under blasting vibration [J]., 2010,29 (09): 129-133+247. [2017-08-30]. DOI:10.13465/j.cnki.jvs.2010.09.041

[5] Yu Bai, Hui Zhao, Liao yuan ye. The Push-over research method on seismic performance of IMS system [J]. world earthquake engineering, 2004, (04): 76-80. [2017-08-30].


[1]. A method for improving seismic performance of special-shaped column structures

Application No. CN201510709755.3.

Application date 2015.10.28

[2].A method and application of open spandrel steel bar with round holes

Application number: CN201510709925.8

Date of application: 2015.10.28

[3].A concrete assembled water cellar and preparation method

Application number: CN201310519039.X

Date of application: 2013.10.29

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